We are sponsoring this year's Indy Golf Expo! Jan 18th - 20th
Jan 18, 2019

The first 1,000 people to walk in the door, each day of the show, will receive a Tameka Woods' 2 for 1 voucher. The voucher includes two green fees for the price of one. Take advantage of this great show and get ready for your golf season!

If you aren't able to make it to the show, no sweat! We are offering up great savings on golf at Tameka Woods until the end of the month. Click below to shop our deals!

Did you know?
April 26, 2017

Every golf club has a spine. When you purchase your clubs from the manufacturer the spine can be pointed in any direction, which may make them hit inconsistently.

We Can Fix That!

A spine pointing left (3 o'clock) gives you more accuracy. A spine pointing right (9 o'clock) gives you more distance. If your game could benefit from more consistency, accuracy or distance, call us or Bernie Hall for more information.

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